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What we offer

All our cards have a PIN and CVV (Card Verification Value)

You can use our cards at any ATM worldwide, in internet shops, payment processor and at POS Terminals.


Our cards are has a magnetic track and a chip to fits the newest technologies.

After payment you will get access to our CARD TUTORAL Server. All Tutorials are FREE for our Customers. We have all kind of Tutorials and How-To´s about Creditcards for download.

We ship with priority mail and a tracking number. It requires no sign at arrival. Delivery to P.O.Box or Post Restante is possible. We offer a 24 hr Express delivery for a surcharge.

How much balance the creditcards have in?

All cards has US$ 3.500 / EUR 3.500

What are the daily withdrawal limits (on ATM)?

All cards has a limit of US$ 1.200 / EUR 1.200

There is NO LIMIT for the usage in online shops or POS Terminals.

Do you provide PIN numbers?

Yes, all cards has a 4 digit PIN number that we sent seperate with email to you.

Do you ship to any country?

Yes we do. We can ship to everywhere, even if there is a problem with extensive post checking.

Do you offer refund?

We offer a 100% refund if the delivery failed or the card has a damage.



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